Recent Publication is Now Featured on “Advances in Engineering” as a Key Scientific Article

Advances in Engineering—which recognizes important findings in engineering fields and reports timely engineering research news—has recently labeled a research work that came from Professor Ning Yan’s group as a “key scientific article contributing to science and engineering research excellence.”

Report link:

This work was done by University of Toronto researchers: Heyu Chen (PhD candidate), Dr. Sandeep Nair, Dr. Prashant Chauhan and led by distinguished professor, Prof. Ning Yan; they investigated the effect of lignin-containing nanocellulose (LCNF) on the reinforcing performance of pMDI wood adhesives. As concluded by Advances in Engineering: “Sustainable LCNF from renewable biomass will advance the development of high-performance pMDI adhesives for wider practical applications.”

For further information, this work is published in Chemical Engineering Journal.

Chen, H., Nair, S., Chauhan, P., & Yan, N. (2019). Lignin containing cellulose nanofibril application in pMDI wood adhesives for drastically improved gap-filling properties with robust bonding line interfaces. Chemical Engineering Journal, 360, 393-401.