Ning Yan

Ph.D., P.Eng.
Department of Chemical Engineering and Applied Chemistry,
University of Toronto, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Tier One Canada Research Chair in Sustainable Bioproducts
Director of the Low Carbon Renewable Materials Centre
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Fun Intro (As written in the Engineering Faculty & Staff Hub “Meet your Colleagues” Newsletter)

Ning Yan started her journey as a U of T faculty member in 2001 when she joined the Faculty of Forestry. In 2017, Ning officially joined the Faculty of Applied Science & Engineering as a Professor in the Department of Chemical Engineering & Applied Chemistry, where she holds a Tier 1 Canada Research Chair in Sustainable Bioproducts. 

Ning and her research group focus on finding more sustainable sources for materials we use every day. 

“My research group is developing novel green chemical pathways which allow us to use biomass-derived molecules to make bio-based polymer materials,” says Ning. “We use these sustainable materials to replace fossil fuel-derived products.” 

While her focus is currently on nature-derived biomaterials science, Ning began her engineering career with a different focus. 

“Most people do not know that I acquired my bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering with a major in semiconductors.” 

Outside of work, Ning spends most of her spare time with her two daughters. 

“My older one is in second-year undergrad and the younger one is in her last year of high school,” says Ning. “I value the time that we can still spend together as a family right now as they might soon move away to pursue their own careers.” 

When asked about her favourite part of U of T Engineering, Ning said she was proud to be a member of our highly creative engineering community. 

“I am very much impressed by the ingenuity of our students, faculty and staff in finding engineering solutions to the biggest challenges our world is facing today.” 

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