Lab Checker Schedule

The lab checker is someone from the lab that will keep track of the tidiness and safety of the area. They are responsible for keeping the lab in order for one week. On the weeks we have a group lab cleaning there will be no lab checker.

Responsibilities of Lab Checker:

Record Keeping

  • Fill out this form every Thursday
  • Notify the next lab checker its their turn


  • Scan all waste bottles and remove them from the online inventory system
  • Make sure the waste is properly labelled (If you do not know what the waste is contact the group)


  • Make sure the eyewash stations are working
  • Check to fume-hoods to make sure they are working
  • Make sure chemicals are properly stored


  • Tidy up the common areas (beside the scales, fume hoods, computer etc)
  • Any unlabeled beakers/glassware should be cleaned
  • Put away any clean glassware
  • Clean any leftover glassware in the base-bath solution

Restocking Common Items
The lab checker can restock the following items by picking them up at chem-stores.

  • Soap
  • Paper towels
  • Printing Paper
  • Gloves
  • 20 mL Vials
  • Kim wipes


May 24 – May 28 : Lunding
May 31 – June 11 : Shrestha
June 14 – June 25 : Nicole & Troy
June 28 – July 9 : Dan & Zheyuan
July 12 – July 23 : Moe & Lunding
July 26 – August 6 : Liu Liu & Tian
August 9 – August 20 : Kabirat & Shrestha